Three’s Company: The Movie!

Three’s Company The Movie! I can’t wait to see my favorite sitcom of all time on the big screen!  Oh happy day!

At long last, Hollywood has arrived at the obvious conclusion that Jack Tripper and his lovely roommates are worthy of two hours on the big screen.  Christopher Nolan has signed on to direct a screenplay written by Ivan Goff and Benn Roberts (Charlie’s Angels, 2000).

Sources close to the project call it a “Modern, edgy” take on the iconic 70’s/80’s sitcom.  The roll of Jack Tripper, originally portrayed by the late John Ritter, will be reprised by Vin Diesel (Fast and the Furious/Pitch Black) and Pamela Anderson (Superhero Movie/Baywatch) has been confirmed for the part of Chrissy Snow (formerly Suzanne Somers).  Sources say Andy Dick has been approached for the part of Mr. Furley but he has yet to comment publicly.  Helena Bonham Carter is reportedly in talks with producers for the part of Janet Wood and was quoted in a Today Show interview with Matt Lauer as saying “I’m looking forward to the opportunity to bring some real depth to this character and explore her dark side”.

Joyce Dewitt, the actress who originally played Three’s Company’s straight woman, Janet Wood, in the show’s 174 episode run, has argued publicly that she should have the first shot at the part, saying “Nobody can play Janet better than Janet-“

No word yet as to who would play Jack’s best friend, Larry Dallas, or even if the character would make it to the big screen.

If history is any indication, there’s one thing we can count on and that’s cameos. Both Clint Eastwood and Sylvester Stallone have been linked to the film, which is currently filming in Toronto. A tentative release date of June 11’ has leaked to a handful of entertainment/news outlets but the plot remains under wraps.


One Response to “Three’s Company: The Movie!”

  1. How can Joyce dewitt old ass can really think she can play janet wood today

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