-and the fan boys were pleased.  And they did much rejoicing.

I just got back from seeing The Avengers and it was pretty much the best thing ever.  Joss Whedon wrote and directed a phenomenal film, developing beloved Marvel characters and their intersecting and often volatile relationships with aplomb!  He captured the flaws, the friction, and the depth that we’ve come to expect from the modern Marvel Universe.

Loki, who’s onscreen credibility I initially questioned, was a convincing and capable adversary for our misshapen collection of dysfunctional heroes.  The screen version was just as clever, mischievous and most importantly, convincing as the Loki of The Ultimates.

My favorite Avenger (surprisingly) was the Hulk!  For the first time ever, a writer/director and his equally important effects team, were capable of doing justice to the Marvel Hulk of yore.  The gravity, shadows, expressions were all spot on.  His temper, mannerisms and one-liners were classic Marvel.

What’s more, I was pleased to see so many classic Marvel hero sibling rivalries brought to life on the big screen, including Black Widow vs. Hawkeye, Captain America vs. Thor, and Hulk vs. Thor.

Overall, the characters were adequately represented and explored, the story gave a comprehensive overview of the Avengers origins and their working relationships, the comic book action was well depicted with picture perfect effects, and the one-liners were funny but not too funny.  Joss Whedon and his cast balanced dramatic and suspenseful story telling with vague Marvel Universe references and subtle but relevant humor.

In this, the culmination of decades of speculation and dreaming by movie executives, Marvel writers/artists, and fan boys all over the globe, I am pleased to say; we have not dreamed in vain.  We have been vindicated.



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