Militant Muslims And Why They Should Go Fuck Themselves

Dear militant Muslims,


Okay, first of all, The Innocence of Muslims is a pile of shit.  The acting is shit, the production value is nonexistent, and there is no point beyond being offensive.  …However, I fully support the creator’s freedom of speech.

It’s like this; you have the right to believe in any crazy bullshit that you want to believe in and I have the right to think you’re bat-shit crazy.  I won’t try to kill you for being ignorant and you don’t try to kill me for being an insensitive prick.  That’s how human rights work.  We don’t have to agree on every thing and we don’t even have to like each other but we do have to respect one another’s basic human rights.  …Specifically, the right to think and speak freely -without resorting to violence.

My point?  Fuck off.  Seriously.  Just fuck right off.  You’re conducting yourselves like a bunch of spoiled children.  “Oh no, they disagree with my belief”, “Oh no, they drew a picture of my prophet”…  Boo-fucking-hoo.  Get over it.  People all over the world disagree about theological maxims.  Sometimes they express themselves in ways that are disrespectful and/or hurtful, but we’re adults.  When South Park takes a cheap shot at Jesus, nobody gets a death threat.  But as soon as they dare to tread on the “sacred” prophet, they have to fear for their lives.

Well I say nay.  You are not off limits.  Your “prophet” is not off limits.  It’s time to grow the fuck up and deal with it.

If you want to believe in your “Prophet”, that’s fine.  Knock yourself out.  I support your right to believe that.  I will even defend your right to believe that (peacefully).  But we’re adults and it’s time we started acting like it.

Here’s how we handle this shit in America; If we don’t like what a film-maker has to show us, we don’t watch it.  If we don’t like an artist’s “artistic expression”, we don’t look at it.  If we don’t like a musician’s message, we don’t listen to it.  …And it works!  Believe it or not, it actually works.  We don’t have to kill each other or threaten each other or anything.  It’s almost too easy.

Don’t believe me?  Go ahead, produce a triple X porno about Jesus and see how much we care.  Spoiler alert:  We won’t.  Most of us will simply chose not to watch it and the few who do, will simply bash it on the internet (peacefully).  We will respect your right to express yourself freely and then we will express ourselves freely (and peacefully).  Are you seeing a pattern here?

You, militant Muslims are giving your people a bad name.  The more you act like whiny little bitches, the more people in other parts of the world will lump all Muslims together into that group.  Before you know it, people will assume that all Muslims are spoiled little children who act out and attack anything and everything they disagree with.

But I don’t want that.  And I know that the good, kind, peace-loving Muslims of the world don’t want that.  So?  …Grow the fuck up!


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