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Facebook Ultimatums and You!

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Have you ever been the victim of a facebook ultimatum?  Yes.  You have.  Trust me.  A facebook ultimatum is the lowest form of chain mail and they are generally about America/American military, cancer, animal abuse/child abuse or Jesus and they give you two choices; agree with me or you’re a bad person.  They’re generally just a big ego stroke with an additional passive-aggressive implication, accusation or fuck-you thrown in for good measure.

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Feminist, Lesbian, Communist Girl Scouts from Planet Abortion!

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Sounds like a cheesy b-movie, right?  No.  According to Bob Morris the Girl Scouts are trying to turn your sweet little girls gay, feminist and/or communist.  Further more, they apparently don’t promote Christianity enough.  Bob, who is a Republican (surprise!), claims that those adorable little cookie peddlers have a hidden agenda of subverting our precious American values.

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This Exists.

Posted in Epic, Gay, Humor/Satire with tags , , on March 29, 2011 by MSchroen

I was born 13 years ago in Washington D.C.
My mother and my father explained the world to me
I listened very closely but I did not agree
Instead I came up with my own philosophy

Don’t tell me that I should act like you
Or do the same as other do
To stand out in a noisy crowd
You must make sure your voice is loud (loud)
To others it sounds false
But that’s the way I roll
I know what I say is true
Let me explain to you

I’m Zack!
Stand back
Class act
You can take it from me, unique!
Tres chique
The peek of fabulosity
Don’t you wish you could be Zachary

I’m not afraid to do my thing despite what I’ve been told
I’d rather watch an apple ____ than the super bowl
I rather dance to Hairspray than my fathers rock n’ roll
I rather eat a hot dog than my mother’s Casserole

I like singing in the Shul
And spending time with friends at school
Or swimming in a swimming pool
As long as the water is not too cool
Gardening and pottery
Cooking and gemmology
Science and technology
They all interest me

I’m Zack!
Stand back
Class act
You can take it from me, unique!
Tres chique
The peek of fabulosity
Don’t you wish you could be me

No Homeo, bro!

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Supplementary, complementary, and alternative medicine (SCAM) seems to be popping up in the darndest places. No longer are alchemic tinctures and potions sequestered to hippie shops and mom and pop health stores. Continue reading

A Thanksgiving story

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Can't I have a steak instead?

I’ve always been very lucky to have a family with a very liberal sense of humor. Once I reached the age of 16 I could pretty much joke about anything and get laugh from my mother. Continue reading

Three’s Company: The Movie!

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Three’s Company The Movie! I can’t wait to see my favorite sitcom of all time on the big screen!  Oh happy day!

At long last, Hollywood has arrived at the obvious conclusion that Jack Tripper and his lovely roommates are worthy of two hours on the big screen.  Christopher Nolan has signed on to direct a screenplay written by Ivan Goff and Benn Roberts (Charlie’s Angels, 2000).

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Growing Up Is Hard To Do

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Much like many of my 25 to 35 year-old counter parts, I find myself at a cultural cross-roads.  I’m getting older but I’m not so sure I’m growing up.  A child of the 80’s, I was raised on a strict regiment of cheesy sit-coms, violent video games, comic books and hard-core rap.  And now, at the age of 33, I find myself quoting Wu Tang Clan whilst shooting at British children on XBOX live.  “Blaow!”

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