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Facebook Ultimatums and You!

Posted in Current Events, Humor/Satire, Philosophy, Political, Religious with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on February 26, 2012 by Marco

Have you ever been the victim of a facebook ultimatum?  Yes.  You have.  Trust me.  A facebook ultimatum is the lowest form of chain mail and they are generally about America/American military, cancer, animal abuse/child abuse or Jesus and they give you two choices; agree with me or you’re a bad person.  They’re generally just a big ego stroke with an additional passive-aggressive implication, accusation or fuck-you thrown in for good measure.

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This is (Possibly, Necessarily) Madness!

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Hey guys, remember me?

This school year has been a blast, but it has also kept me busy. I’m by no means down for the count, and with this blog I want to bring everybody up to date on something I’ve been studying on the side Continue reading

Meat and Morality: A Critique of Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation

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There is a vegetarian anecdote that implies that a human baby (presumably weened) will chose to eat an apple over a live rabbit every time, thus “proving” that we were meant to be vegetarians.  One thing that this anecdote fails to take into account is the fact that carnivorous (and omnivorous) toddlers of the animal kingdom rarely do their own hunting and killing.  In nature, more times than not, the carnivorous youth are provided with their meals (dead and ready to consume) by their parents.  If this anecdote is making an argument on behalf of human instinct, then I suggest a control group of  baby’s who are provided with a choice between an apple and a dead rabbit that has been cleaned, cooked and covered in barbeque sauce…

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TAM 9: Critical Thinking in Sin City!

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This last weekend, my wife and I took a jaunt out to Las Vegas, Nevada for the 9th annual Amaz!ng Meeting, a skeptics convention.  Great thinkers and skeptics of all shapes and sizes from around the globe came together to discuss topics ranging from public education, space travel, paranormal activities, psychic phenomenon and the origins of life.

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Such Bravery in the Face of Death

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Christopher Hitchens was scheduled to appear at a conference of atheists this weekend, but had to cancel due to his illness. He sent this letter to be read in lieu of his appearance. Continue reading

Art: The Decline

Posted in Art, Philosophy with tags , , , , , , , , , , on January 3, 2011 by Marco

As all things artistic are highly subjective, I will preface with the obvious; the following is one asshole’s opinion and nothing more

For many, many years the question “What is art?” has been considered, contested and studied by artists, critics and scholars the world over and like most people, I’ve had my opinion on the matter.  Quite simply, for me, the title “art” has been best defined by three criteria:  Effort, skill and purpose.  If a piece of “art” doesn’t exhibit all of these three things –or in some cases, any of these three things (Jackson Pollack), I’m inclined to readily dismiss it.

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Growing Up Is Hard To Do

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Much like many of my 25 to 35 year-old counter parts, I find myself at a cultural cross-roads.  I’m getting older but I’m not so sure I’m growing up.  A child of the 80’s, I was raised on a strict regiment of cheesy sit-coms, violent video games, comic books and hard-core rap.  And now, at the age of 33, I find myself quoting Wu Tang Clan whilst shooting at British children on XBOX live.  “Blaow!”

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