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Meat and Morality: A Critique of Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation

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There is a vegetarian anecdote that implies that a human baby (presumably weened) will chose to eat an apple over a live rabbit every time, thus “proving” that we were meant to be vegetarians.  One thing that this anecdote fails to take into account is the fact that carnivorous (and omnivorous) toddlers of the animal kingdom rarely do their own hunting and killing.  In nature, more times than not, the carnivorous youth are provided with their meals (dead and ready to consume) by their parents.  If this anecdote is making an argument on behalf of human instinct, then I suggest a control group of  baby’s who are provided with a choice between an apple and a dead rabbit that has been cleaned, cooked and covered in barbeque sauce…

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What’s the harm in believing in witchcraft?

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There have been a number of witchcraft related items in the news as of late. In Tanzania a young boy was murdered because albinos are thought to possess magical powers. A group of men kidnapped the nine-year-old albino boy, dismembered him, and were apprehended while they were on their way to deliver the pieces of this child’s corpse to a witchdoctor/customer. Since 2007, sixty albinos have been murdered to have their body parts used to concoct charms and potions. One article goes into grisly detail:

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